1. for ADuCRF101, the frequency bands, 862 MHz to 928 MHz and 431 MHz to 464 MHz, so for 862MHz to 928MHz, how do I configure RF frequency to 868MHz or 915MHz, software or hardware configuration? where can find more detail info

2. For PA , there are Single end & differential PA internal, beside output power different, what is the factor to choose single end or differential PA?

3. in UG-231 (ADuCRF101 User Guide) - I confuse on Figure 33: Combined Single-Ended PA and LNA match & Figure 34: Separate Single-Ended PA and LNA Match, the connection is the same, so what the different?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 25, 2012 3:47 PM

    1. To configure the frequency, simply call the function RadioSetFrequency(RIE_U32 Frequency).

    radio engine functions are all described in ADuCRF101RadioInterfaceEngineFunctions_PrA_1202.pdf

    2. The differential PA require less external components in the matching network, the single ended PA give slightly output power.

    3. Figure 33 is incorrect and also shows separate signle-ended PA and LNA match. the evaluation board schematic in EvaL_BrdUG-ADuCRF101_PrA.pdf shows a combined match on figure 5.