I would like to know what the min wake up period for ADuCRF101?

e.g In the Application, I need to CPU active for 10ms, sleep mode for 90ms, so the wake up period is 100ms, in case of wake up the chip from sleep mode, it may using RTC clock to interrupt the CPU, but if using RTC clock in chip the period only 1Hz, so any clock in the chip can provide the wake up period less than 1Hz? using FCLK?

P/S : please do not confuse the wake up period I stated with 3-5 FCLK wake up time from sleep mode.

In datasheet, if I using wake up timer to wake up the CPU, so it means the smallest time period will be 32KHz/32768, but wake up timer only can wake up CPU from hibernate or flexi modes, anyway to wake up from sleep mode? what is the power consumption at hibernate or flexi modes?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 13, 2012 1:10 PM

    The wake up timer can use the internal 32,768kHz oscillator and has 4 different prescallers: 1, 4, 256 and 32768. In our example we are using a prescaller of 32768 to simplify any calculation, but a prescaller of 1 allows you to wake up more frequently.

    For example, if you want the wake up timer to wake up the device every 100ms, you can use a prescaller of 1 and a Load value of 0xC80.

    Interval = Load x prescaller / Source clock.

    The wake up timer can wake up the device from Hibernate and Flexi mode, not from Shutdown mode.

    In Hibernat mode the consumption is ~1.6uA.

    The consumption in Flexi mode depends on the peripherals that are enabled.