cannot read register 15 (R15) while CPU is running

Error Message when doing a Download and Debug on the POST project.

Error:  J-Link Driver report: ''Can not read register 15 (R15) while CPU is running''.

What is wrong? How can I fix this? aducm3029

Follow the settings recommended in ADuCM3029 EZ-KIT Manual

Hardware: ADUCM3029 EZ-KIT 1.2, ADZS-UCM3029-ZEBRD

J-Link V6.10d, Serial Number 228209308.

Software: IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM Version

IAR Embedded Workbench shared components Version

  • Hi,

    The error message in itself does not give any hint as to what is actually wrong - only that the tool is having difficulty accessing the part.

    Actions associated with protection and low power modes can affect this.

    First recommend step always is to erase the part using the "CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer" which will eliminate any reason associated with the previously downloaded code.

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