Anyone had success with using the ADuCM360 I2C interface to an LCD display?

Trying to use P2.0 and P2.1 as SCL and SDA ports respectively.

LCD unit is Newhaven  C0220BIZ-FS(RGB)-FBW-3VM

Following post uses low level routines to interface to the LCD panel with a different MSP 430 microcontroller.

I2C communications with Newhaven LCD Panel 

These routines don't seem to work with the ADuCM360.

I have managed to get the ADuCM360 to talk to an ADT7420 I2C based temperature sensor using P2.0 and P2.1 but not the LCD.

The explanation in the ADucM360 Hardware User Guide on the FIFOs is very basic.  It is not clear which instruction makes the transfer. 

In some Analog Devices sample code functions in ADT7410I2C.c 

The command I2cMWrCfg(Address<<1) sometimes follows and sometimes precedes instructions like I2cTx(MASTER,0x0B);

Also in the same code, I2cFifoFlush(MASTER,ENABLE); is followed by I2cFifoFlush(MASTER,DISABLE);  and then by NVIC_Disable(I2CM_IRQn);  

So the interrupt is disabled and the FIFO deliberately flushed.  But in other functions within the same file it relies on interrupts and does not use the FIFO functions explicitly.

All very confusing to me at least.

Any help greatly appreciated