Unable to build Blinky Example for ADuCM362 in IAR


    Is there an updated support package for IAR? 

    It seems there are some missing files ADuCM362.h when trying to build the example with the IAR workspace from ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/MicroConverter/ADuCM36x/code/ADuCM362/examples/Blink

    The IAR patch there does not contain anything in arm/inc



  • Hi Logan,

    Apologies for this. Something went wrong when the files were uploaded and some of the files are missing.

    I uploaded the missing header files in the common folder. Hopefully that sholld fix the error. I will download the files on a clean machine and make sure nothing else is missing.

    Most customers use keil with the cmsis pack and all the files are there, but unfortunatelly that's no help to IAR customers.

    If you do find that there are more missing files you can open the CMSIS pack as a zip file and they will be there, however do let me now so that I can fix it for other customers in the future.