Is there and example code for ADuCM362 bootlader in aducm IDE?


I'm in need to do and update over RS485 interface and therefore need to write my own bootlader for AduCM362.

Is there an example project for "ADuCM360 customized Eclipse IDE for C/C+ + Developers" that will have a simple bootlader that will than jump to "hello world" app?

I'm just looking for shortcut so I will not need to set linker file, ram execution, interrupt vector remapping, ...



  • Well bootloader is generally small piece of code that executes before actual application (or OS). After finishing its task it jumps to the application code. Bootloaders are mostly used in embedded so you can do a field update - bootloaders constant while application changes over time.

    While partitioning of flash, setting up stack, interrupt vector table, execution from RAM and so on is not a difficult to write, its a lot of tasks, so I was looking for a shortcut here.

    Never mind now - I already written my own code.

    Just a note bootloader and application results in two different binaries that needs to go together. That is why I mentioned two projects at the and of the sentence.

  • Hi Jan,

    We were just searching for the similar requirement of boot loader for ADuCM362 on modbus RTU/RS485.I was searching the existing boot loader flow but dint get it.

    Since you have worked on this can u share/suggest more info on the flow and other details.

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