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I have two EVAL-ADICUP360. I have bought them last year. I have the same problem with both of them.

The problem is that we can not connect to ADuCM360 in debug mode. Hence, we can not program the ADuCM360. Both development kit’s debug port is not working despite the user mode.

In the beginning, the debug port is working but not properly. It was taking a couple try to connect. Now, the debug port is not working at all. Interesting enough that we have the same problem with two EVAL-ADICUP360.

The configuration of kit’s connectors, jumpers, switches all revised enough. We have assured you that this is not the cause of the problem.

I need two answers;

1-Do you have any suggestion to program ADUCM360 with any other debugger?

2-Any solution about the issue has mentioned above?