UART of ADICUP360 not opening

I'm having EVAL-CN0409-ARDZ Shield and 
ADICUP360 board.
Before attaching CN0409-ARDZ Shield, my blinky program of On board LED was running successfully. 
 ( I set the Switches position of S1, S2, S3, S4 as given in your user guide for CN0409-ARDZ) 
(I'm using Evaluation version of Cross core Embedded Studio 2.9.1)
Then I flashed turbidity demo program in the same way (as I did for blinky led that is by drag and drop the binary file) without changing S1, S2, S3, S4 position and J3 and J4 jumper were also placed as given in your user guide. 
Now to see the serial monitor I tried with putty, Tera Term and Cool term by giving the correct Baud rate etc. (I would like to mention here that for seeing the output on UART I changed the micro usb from DEBUG to USER. 
But the serial port cannot be opened. 
I just want to ask that
Do I need to change the jumper from J3 and J4 to J2 and J1. 
I tried it many times but black screen of Serial Monitor is not visible. 
Can you line me up with some Engineer who can guide me where is the problem?