Difference between ADuCM350 and ADuCM355, Labview-Examples

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

we would like to perform electrochemical measurements using ICs like the ADuCM355. In the manual of the ADuCM350, potentiostat measurements aren’t mentioned, but EIS-measurements are mentioned.

1) What is the difference between the ADuCM350 and the ADuCM355? Is it possible to do potentiostat measurements using the ADuCM350?

2) Do other ICs exist that can perform electrochemical measurements, i.e. electrochemical impedance sprectroscopy (EIS, measuring of the impedance of an electrochemical system at different frequencies), cyclic voltammetry (CV, applying a sawtooth shaped voltage to an electrochemical system) and open circuit potential (OCP) measuring the output voltage of an electrochemical system at quite high input impedances, such as 100 Gohms)

3) Do Labview-examples resp. Labview-VIs exist for communication with these ICs?

Kind regards