ADuCM362 vs ADuCM360

What are the differences between these two microcontrollers. The only documented differences seem to be: more SRAM, more flash, one extra UART? Are there more differences between these devices and is it recommended to use the ADuCM362 as a replacement in new designs? Are there plans to fully support the 362 in CrossCore and include the full example set in the CMSIS pack? Right now it looks like there would be some advantages to targeting this device instead of the 360 for my project but the documentation and support seem far less mature despite the 362 being several years old. Can anyone offer recommendations?

  • Hi Mike,

    Besides what you mentioned, some key points of differences as below:

    1. when PGA =1, the buffer can be enabled. ADUCM360 can not.

    2. Optimization on clock. A little difference on the clock related registers. one advantage is the DAC interpolation mode can use a lower frequency clock. Please see clock section for details.

    3. More channels for DMA. UART 1 tx and rx channel.

    4. More options for external reference buffer.

     we have complete the new version of CMSIS Pack, it will be available soon. the new version can better support ADuCM362 in CCES.



  • Dear Barry,

    The ADUCM360 can't over voltage 0.3V between the AVDD and the IOVDD.

    But, I can't find it in the ADUCM362 datasheet.
    Does the ADUCM362 can take fully independently between the AVDD and the IOVDD ?

    I wish that the AVDD is 3.3V and the IOVDD is 1.8V.

    It is important to the circuit designer to reduce the voltage translator chip.

  • Hi,

    For ADuCM362 also,

     The difference between AVDD and IOVDD must be ≤0.3 V.



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