ADuCM355 R_Load Resistor Measurement

Hi Analog,

I'm modifying the M355_Biased_EIS (M355_ECSns_EIS) example for our use case, but have not been able to decode why the software is measuring the internal R_Load.

We are measuring the impedance of 2-lead sensors so I thought it should be sufficient to measure R_CAL first and then R_Sensor, but the sequence seems to be R_Load+R_Sensor, R_Load and finally R_CAL.

Since we are attempting to run the system at highest possible measurement bandwidth, we need to get rid of all unessential routines, and the R_Load and R_Load+R_sensor measurement seems unnecessary to me - could you elaborate on why this is done? (and if you have any other recommendations for speeding up the measurements - we're already running at highest ADC rate, lowest decimating sinc3, no sinc2 or LPF, and lowest DFT that retains sufficient accuracy for our use case)