Ad5940 with esp32

I'm trying to program AD5940 with esp32. I'm using the GitHub examples and library for it.

I was able to interface the ad5940 with esp32 via spi, now I'm wondering how to code ad5940? Suppose I want to flash ad5940 with 4 wire bia code, how do I do it? Can it be programmed like aducm350 via .hex file generated from IAR and uploaded using a custom interface such as esp32 acting as a serial bridge? Else do you have a code that can perform 4 wire bia via SPI with different mcu from aducm355 as given in the examples? I have access to aducm350 as well, but I want code to either sit on ad5940 or on a separate mcu (in this case esp32) and not on aducm35x.