AducM355 : Download -over-UART

Hi, Analog Team,

We just get the evaluation board EVAL-ADucM355QSPZ,

and according to the UG-1308 (rev.0) : "Power via a micro-USB connector P4" to setup the board .

Then, Download firmware through SWD, to Run the GPIO example, and EIS example , they work fine,

then, For field upgrading, we checked the ability of Download-over-UART like ADucM350. ....etc, however , It's fail.

We wonder that do the ADucm355 support Download over UART ?
If not, Can it support the Second Stage Loader (SSL) like ADucM302X ?

Thanks for your kindly support first ~


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  • Hi Mike,

    I've downloaded from github the ADuCM355 user bootloader. Built the project and tested it in debug mode. I verified S2 and S3 button presses as part of the example code.

    when I try to downlooad usign CrossCore Serial Flash programmer, I get the following messages:

    Sending second stage kernel.
    Read Intel HEX application image with 668 bytes.
    No autobaud response.

No Data