How to setup EVAL-ADUCM360 board and AD/Segger j-link device in CrossCore Embedded Studio

I purchased the EVAL-ADUCM360 board with the supplied AD/Segger j-link device and confirmed that it works well with the latest Keil IDE. However, I want to program the the EVAL-ADUCM360 board using CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.8.3. I setup the debug configuration per the FAQ "Adding J-Link Lite support to OpenOCD for Cortex-M" and get these error messages in the debug console window:

Error: J-Link requesting to select unsupported interface (2)
Error: Selected transport mode is not supported.

Is there a compatibility issue with CrossCore and the j-link device or firmware problem? Are there any other debug configuration settings in CrossCore 2.8.3 to resolve this issue?

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