ADuCM355 - RTIA specification

Hi everybody,

I have some questions regarding the ADuCM355. We want to use this device for several measurements. That’s why we will use the MUX for the TIA.

  •  Low Power RTIA: Accuracy
    • Does it mean that if we move from one gain to another gain, that the difference between these gains have an error of -0.6% to +0.6%?
    • Or is it just another error which we have to add to the accuracy error?
    • On page 8 in the datasheet the value for the accuracy is -5% to +15%. What does that mean in regarding of the comment?
    • Does it mean that every single value of the gain can vary by -5% to 15%? Which counts for a chosen resistor setting in the range of 1kOhm to 512kOhm.
    • And then, what does the mismatch Error mean?
  • Do you have a recommendation how to measure or evaluate these errors? Is there a recommended test schematic or evaluation procedure?
  • If not, then we should set the input to a known reference and then just start switching the mux or not?

best regards