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How to Flash the EVAL-ADICUP360

I just purchased an EVAL-ADICUP360 eval board for the ADuCM360 and I can't find any documentation on how to flash it. So far I have gotten CrossCore Embedded Studio setup following the instruction here: I have been able to compile and run the Blinky and CLI example programs on the board.

Next I am trying to figure out how to program a BIN file to flash memory but have not had any success. I have tried from guides I've found around the AD wikis:

  • Dragging the Blinky.bin file to the MBED drive mounted in Windows 10. fail.txt displays "SWD ERROR"
  • Tried Holding BOOT while pressing resent, then drag file onto MBED. Now MBED does not remount automatically do I can't see the error message.
  • Tried running CM3WSD. It says to "Press Download and pulse Reset" I assume this means to hold BOOT and press RESET. But it still doesn't work.

Overall I have found the documentation for this product very confusing and fragmented. Much of it seems very out of date. I would appreciate any help getting this set up with the current preferred method using the free compiler tool-chain.

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  • Hi Brandon,

    I have followed the wiki instructions to build the Blinky project and generate a .BIN file. When I run in the debugger the board blinks as expected.

    When I drag the BIN file to the MBED drive the DS4 LED goes from blinking to steady for 2 seconds then returns to blinking. Reset does not start the program and MBED has a fail.txt file with TIMEOUT in it.

    Sometimes when I try DS4 stays on much longer and I get an SWD ERROR in fail.txt

    Does the board need to be in a different mode before programming? I could not find any instructions on your wiki for using this drag-n-drop programming interface and only learned of it from various forum posts.

  • I just tried programming the board from an Ubuntu 18.04 machine and dragging the .BIN file in worked. After pressing RESET the lights started blinking. However, the program did not persist after power cycling the board. Shouldn't this have flashed to non-volatile memory?

    Why can't I program this board over USB from my Windows 10 machine?

  • Hi Mike,

    I just tried this out with CrossCore 2.8.0 and I used both the blink and the CLI demos from Github and everything worked. 

    1. I first made sure that I was pulling in the projects into CrossCore using the Git Clone ability. 
    2. Then when i looked at the properties for each project, i set the semihosting to nosys.specs. hit apply and built the project. 
    3. Then I went back into the properties and selected the Binary artifact , hit apply and built the project again. 
    4. Both binary files went to their respective folders and then I was able to drag and drop both onto my ADICUP360 (MBED) drive with everything working. 

    I just took a screen shot for you on the CLI demo.  I do have a 4 second video of the blinky working, but my computer won't let me upload it right now. 

    So I've verified they work, what I need you to do now is follow the steps i did and try this again.  Make sure you are working from all updated software.  If it still doesn't work, could you take a video of your screen and what you are seeing.  Along with the board?

  • I followed your instructions carefully:

    1. Using CrossCore 2.8.0
    2. Projects cloned from Git
    3. Set semihosting to nosys.specs and select Binary artifact
    4. Build project
    5. Drag ADuCM360_demo_cli.bin to the MBED drive

    As soon as I drag the file onto MBED the disk disappears and then remounts. Inside is fail.txt file with the message "SWD ERROR" each time.

    Note that the MBED drive does not stay mounted continuously on Windows 10. The drive seems to reset every 30 seconds or so, is this normal behavior?

  • I just tried this again from an machine running Linux noticed that the DS4 LED does not blink blink rapidly continuously like it does on Windows 10. It only blinks when I copy data to MBED. I was able to flash the Blink and CLI programs to the board (with persistence) using Linux. I don't understand why I am unable to use the device on my Windows machine, DS4 blinks rapidly whenever it is connected so something must be communicating.