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FAQ: Schematics & Components placement for the EVAL-ADUCRF101MKxZ


Do you have any information on the Schematics & Components placement for the EVAL-ADUCRF101MKxZ?



Schematics & Components placement for the EVAL-ADUCRF101MKxZ Rev A mini board (may change without notice) are shown in this document.

The MiniKit for the ADuCRF101 can be used standalone i.e. with a battery or power supply directly connected to the MiniKit. For code development, the Interface Board (USB-SWD/UART-CONV-Z) with a standardized 8-PIN connector can be directly plugged in the miniboard. Any compliant tool can also be used with a adapter to the 8-PIN connector for Cortex M3 Serial Wire Debug.

The InterfaceBoard provides connection to a PC for 5V USB power supply, UART-to-USB (virtual COM-port) communication and SWD. The current version of the InterfaceBoard comes with a J-LINK-Lite Emulator. The emulator will be integrated on the next revision of the InterfaceBoard.

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EVAL-ADUCRF101 Schematic