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How to use Arduino to communicate with ADuCM350

Hi Everyone,

I am currently developing a small project which is using ADuCM350 to perform a impedance spectroscopy. Currently I can use the J-Link segger to communicate ADuCM350 with laptop and I can successfully apply the example using IAR workbench compiler.

To further complete the project, I am trying to use Arduino to communicate with ADuCM350 using I2C or UART. I kinda got stuck at the beginning cause I dont know how to make the set up. I have no idea how to connect the wire, how to use the IAR library.

Anyone has the similiar problem or idea of this question?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Nianyu Jiang

  • Hi Jiang,

    My suggestion is to start developing a UART code that will communicate with your PC, you can use a UART application like PUTTY to do this and we have several examples that use UART to send data to a PC. Have you downloaded the example code from ADUCM350 page?

    If the step above is working alright, you can proceed with your arduino code, I am sure there are a lot of examples for this as well. As for the cable connect, M350's TX should connect to Arduino's RX and vice versa. 

    Good luck with your project and let us know if you need any more help!



  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have downloaded the example code and working on the "UartTest" example. Also I downloaded Putty as you suggested.

    If I understand you correctly, I can replace the J-link segger by using Uart through "Putty". So my next question is how to connect my laptop to ADuCM350? Based on my knowledge I need to use a Uart cable (which generally has "RX, TX, GND, VCC") to connect between my laptop and ADuCM350. so where is all the corresponding pins on ADuCM350? I am using Evaluation board at this time and I think it will be on the breakout board. Am I correct?

    Thanks for the help and appreciate if you can futher reply to my question above.


  • Hi Nianyu,

    You still need to use the Jlink Segger hardware for the UART connection as this will connect your PC to ADUCM350's UART. If you check the JLink Segger, there are 8pins in there, 2pins are for serial wire, 2pins for UART's RX/TX, a VDD, GND, and voltage ref. 

    As for the UART pins, you should be able to access those using the board alone, please check the board's schematic for this. There should be 2 jumpers there which you can remove to have access to the UART pins. You can then connect this to your Arduino in the future. 



  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the advice and after several test I successfully output the data measured from ADuCM350 to my PC using UART through Putty. So instead of using an Arduino, is if possible that I can connect a wifi sheild to ADuCM350 and communicate with a PC in wifi mode? I know some microcontroller support the wifi mode but not sure if ADuCM350 also support it.


    Nianyu Jiang

  • Hi,

    We don't have an example code to control the wifi using ADuCM350 but it is possible to communicate with a wifi module using ADuCM350 using UART. If you can port the library from Arduino to ADuCM350 then it will make your coding easier. 



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