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BMS for E-scooter

Hi team, 

My customer would like to develop e-scooter as end-product. Now they are focus on the BMS portion and battery specification as below. 

Rated voltage: 60V

Rated Capacity: 29Ah

Battery Configuration: 16S1P

Could you propose a solution / application with ADI? 

How we apply ADUCM330 into BMS circuit? 

Customer is looking at the swap battery type but not charging the battery directly onto the E-scooter. Refer to

Looking forward the guide.



  • Hi John,

    the ADuCM330 was developed with primary focus on 12V Lead Acid Battery management. 

    However, the ADuCM330 is also used in LI-Ion battery management systems for precision current measurements, which I assume is the application you are interested in.

    Please refer to the recommenced schematics in the ADuCM330 datasheet.