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ADuCM360 UART - Width of Stop bit is different from the others.

Hi all,

I am using a ADuCM360 with:

UrtCfg( pADI_UART,




CLK_CD6, // iSpiCd by 64
CLK_CD7, // iI2cCd
CLK_CD0, // iUrtCd by 1
CLK_CD7 // iPwmCd by 128

ClkCfg(CLK_CD0,CLK_HF,CLKSYSDIV_DIV2EN_DIS,CLK_UCLKCG);            // Select CD0 for CPU clock  ------- CLOCK intern

I use HFOCS 16Mhz

When I send some byte I can see the width of Stop bit is different from the others.

If I enable the clock divider. CLKSYSDIV = 1 then all bits have same width.

Does it happen to someone the same?

I use the samples codes


  • Hi,

    Sorry for replying the question late.

    The case is strange based on your description. I haven't received this kind of feedback so far. How about other baud rate?

    I would like to test this case on my test bench. However I am always on travel recently. So perhaps the test will happen in October.