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Help: EVAL-ADICUP360 Tool Chain with ADUCM360QSPZ don't work!


I would use Analog Device EVAL-ADUCM360QSPZ with Eclipse IDE on Windows 7 64-bit, but the ADuCM360-IDE Tool Chain does not work with it istead Keil IDE works very well.
You cannnot use the driver mbed CMSIS-DAP/Serial drivers (for Windows) because the EVAL-ADUCM360QSPZ use a Segger J-Link Lite as interface so you have to use the debug configuration "GDB SEGGER J-Link debug" instead of "GDB debug ApenODC ":

but with this configuration, the debuger gives the errors:

  • Unknown command line parameter of -telnetport found,
  • Unknown command line parameter of 2333 found,
  • Unknown command of Unknow parameter -singlerun found,
  • Unknown command of Unknow parameter -strict found,
  • Unknown command line parameter 0 found,
    and to finish:
  • Error in services launch sequence: Starting J-Link GDB Server timed out.

In Windows XP 32-bit debugging session ends with the same error, but by specifying the error with the message:
Error in services launch sequence
Launching command [
-if swd -device ADuCM360
-endian little -speed 1000    (I have tryed with 30 kHz istead of 1000, but the result is the same)
-port 2331
-swoport 2332
-telnetport 2333
-localhost 1
-timeout 0
] failed.

The Segger programs JLinkConfig.exe, JLinkDLLUpdater.exe, JLinkGDBServer.exe, JLinkGDBServerCL.exe, JFlashARM.exe and JLink.exe
communicate and work very well with the EVAL-ADUCM360QSPZ evaluation board.

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