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ADuCM360 build code too Slow

hi all,

I have a problem with ADuCM360 IDE please make me clearly.

I don't understand what happend with my IDE but it really slowly when i build source code.

Below is a part of console log of my project.

It take 1min 25sec to build source code. It really too slow, please let me know how can i speed up my IDE ??

Thank all !

Invoking: Cross ARM GNU Create Flash Image
arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O ihex "MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.elf" "MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.hex"
Finished building: MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.hex

Invoking: Cross ARM GNU Print Size
arm-none-eabi-size --format=berkeley "MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.elf"
text data bss dec hex filename
38989 236 1796 41021 a03d MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.elf
Finished building: MKP_ADuCM360_Firmware_1.0.siz
15:31:40 Build Finished (took 1m:25s.298ms)