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HELP: ADICUP360 and nRF24L01


I am a newbie and i have no idea about connect ADICUP360 with nRF24L01.

I can't find any example about this problem. Can someone help me? Thank you !!

Hi Tai,

So there is no code currently developed for the nRF24L01 that I am aware of.  But you still should be able to connect the module to the ADICUP360 using some jumper wires.  

You can find the pinout of the ADICUP360 here (EVAL-ADICUP360 Base Board [Analog Devices Wiki]  ) and from a quick Google search I found this page which seems to have infromation on the nRF24L01 module (arduino-info - Nrf24L01-2.4GHz-HowTo  ) 

Hope this helps.