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JLink debugger that came with the CM408F_EZ dev kit is not working

Just received my CM408F_EZ dev board.  Installed the IAR Workbench tool chain, installed the Analog Devices Enablement package for this device.  Actually read the documentation first.  Have setup the dev board, connected the JLink / JTrace device to the dev board.  Opened one of the example projects from the Enablement package and built it. So far everything is great, and then I go to download and debug and I get an error:

How do I fix this?

  • Never mind, I changed the _int64 to a long and that fixed that issue.

    Next, when I went to download and debug, it wouldn't get past the reset vector.  It turns out, in the setup of the project, in the Debugger->J-Link /J-Trace category under the Connection tab, you can't use the JTAG setting, who would have thunk.  If you switch to the SWD interface option, everything starts working.