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How to Flash the EVAL-ADICUP360

I just purchased an EVAL-ADICUP360 eval board for the ADuCM360 and I can't find any documentation on how to flash it. So far I have gotten CrossCore Embedded Studio setup following the instruction here: I have been able to compile and run the Blinky and CLI example programs on the board.

Next I am trying to figure out how to program a BIN file to flash memory but have not had any success. I have tried from guides I've found around the AD wikis:

  • Dragging the Blinky.bin file to the MBED drive mounted in Windows 10. fail.txt displays "SWD ERROR"
  • Tried Holding BOOT while pressing resent, then drag file onto MBED. Now MBED does not remount automatically do I can't see the error message.
  • Tried running CM3WSD. It says to "Press Download and pulse Reset" I assume this means to hold BOOT and press RESET. But it still doesn't work.

Overall I have found the documentation for this product very confusing and fragmented. Much of it seems very out of date. I would appreciate any help getting this set up with the current preferred method using the free compiler tool-chain.