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ADuC7061 reset doesn't work

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADuC7061

I need solve any EMC problem about a medical device.

This device has a board with 7 ADuC7061.

If the firmware works fine (in any ADuC7061) a led (connected to the pin 26) blinks.

During ESD test to the medical device (contact ESD 8KV) i got this problem:

Sometimes the led is ON fixed (it means the firmware doesn't work) and to pulling the RESET (pin1) to 0V the ADuC7061 remains "locked".

It needs power off or put in download mode for to back to the normal use:

Reading the datasheet:

"There are four kinds of resets: external reset, power-on reset, watchdog reset, and software reset"

I use a external reset.

Anyone can help me?