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ADuC7060 Datasheet clarification

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADuC7060

Datasheet on page 103, Table 114 shows GPxDAT MMR Bit Designations. What is the meaning of Bit 31:24? 23:16? etc..

How the following line is enabling timer 1 IRQ?      IRQEN = BIT4 + BIT13; // Enable Timer 1 IRQ. What is BIT 4 + BIT13? Is it 0x2010? I cannot follow what is happening here...

How this next line configures P1.6 as an output?      GP1DAT  = BIT30;        // Configure P1.6 as an output

Has anyone who has the Eval board aduc7060qspz used the RS232 cable with an USB adapter? And used some kind of hyperlink terminal with it?

  • Answering my own question, 31:24 are bits 31 to 24, bits 23 to 16, etc.. I saw in another place with the bit map, and voila, I understood the meaning. It would be very useful if the DS were not so summarized...

    Still trying to find the answers for the other ones.

  • Hi,

    For the IRQEN, your right BIT4 + BIT13 is 0x2010. On page 60, Table 65, the IRQ/FIQ MMR Bit Designations show that Bit 4 is designated for the Timer 1 or wake-up timer. Setting a bit to 1 in IRQEN enables the corresponding source request.

    GP1DAT is for the data registers of Port 1. In Table 114, setting the bit to 1 configures the GPIO pin as output. Bit 31:24 represents a pin for the port, Bit 24 is for pin 0, while Bit 30 is for pin 6.

    You can use a USB adapter with the RS232 and a hyperlink terminal. The RS232 headers in the eval board are connected to the UART pins of ADuC7060.



  • Hi Karl,

    Thanks a lot for getting back to me. It is little more clear now, but I am still struggling a bit how the C language is applied to this microcontroller... So, I guess when one is doing BIT4 + BIT13, it is setting bit 4 and bit 13 for IRQEN. For instance, on page 35 IRQEN is enabling timer 1 in a total different way. The documentation is incomplete and so far I cannot find a suitable source that explains these things.

    Take care,


  • Hi Carlos,

    You only need to set Bit 4 for IRQEN to enable timer 1. Setting Bit 13 for IRQEN enables the external interrupt 0.



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