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Category: Software
Product Number: AduC7020
Software Version: Keil&ARMSWD

We purchased the development board component Aduc7020 from ADI Company, and the serial download software ARMSWD was used for the subsequent download program. According to the official document for the key reset operation, download, but found that ARMSWD can not recognize the chip, can not write the program.

After repeated attempts, I found that the development board component was always running in the previous DEMO example, which was explained as follows:


Description   : Uses Potentiometer on the ADuC7023 part.

                           Potentiometer controls the voltage to ADC0 chennel.

                            Internal measurement of ADC0 via ADC is replicated

                            on DAC1 output. This has the affect of controlling the

                            brightness of the LED, D1.

                            Ensure "POT" and "DAC" switches of S1 are "On"



I have been unable to update the program I wrote.

Here is how my circuit is connected

what's wrong with our schematic,can you give me some suggestion,thanks.