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ADuC7124 - VIC, strange intermittent behaviour where ISRs are not executed


I'm having a rather strange problem with the VIC and executing the ISRs in ADuC7124, and I'm seeking an explanation to what is actually happening and why it is intermittent at best.

I have included a cut-down sample project in IAR 9.20 that uses Timer 2 ISR to simply turn on LED D2 on the ADuC7124 eval board. I have also included the hex file. When the ADuC7124 has been programmed, I just unplug/replug the mini-usb power supply connector. At random startups, D2 never lights up, as the ISR never fires.

I would really appreciate if someone from ADI could support in finding the cause, as I have already completed the other project - except for this strange behaviour. I have spent almost a week now on this single issue, and am completely out of ideas.

Kind regards,