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ADUC 7023 problems with flash memory reading/ writing

I am currently having problems with the flash memory of ADUC 7023. 

When I add breakpoints in the test file and use step through in Keil IDE, I don’t encounter any issues, but if I remove the breakpoints from the IDE and run the code, the flash memory being read is wrong. I specifically tested it on the following code snippet:


I have to step into line 47 for the flash memory to work, if I don’t do that, I get weird errors where-in the read flash memory is wrong. Here is a sample output when I don’t use breakpoints:

Here is when I step through and use breakpoints: take note that the value for 1 is still wrong, I am not sure yet as to why, sometimes this happens sometimes it doesn’t.

If you can please provide some ideas/ advice on what things I can check on or am I missing something, it will be very much appreciated.




Marvin Neil