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Retention Data ADUC7023


I am currently working on the ADUC7023 microcontroller and I am using the NI USB-8452 for programming.

I am wondering what could be the consequence of programming the flash memory without erasing all the flash memory before ? Could it be critical the first time the microcontroller is programmed ? Could it be critical to program the flash memory several times without erasing it before ?

Are there probabilities to have bad retention data in the product lifetime because of a bad programming sequence ?

Could data retention be affected by temperature (80-100°C) if programming sequence has not been respected ?

I hope you could answer to my questions.

Thanks in advance for your support !

Corentin L.

  • Hi Corentin,

    The data may be corrupted if you don't erase the flash memory page before writing to it, especially if you previously wrote anything to the page. Flash write switches a bit from 1 to 0, while flash erase changes it from 0 to 1.

    It is critical when you are planning to use the same flash page multiple times.

    The data retention lifetime of the device is mainly affected by the temperature of the device.