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ADC problem about ADUC7061

I post this problem in chinese version, but the china engineer can't give correct answer. So i want to post it here to found an more senior engineer. 

As you know, ADC1~ADC5 are single function port. but ADC6~ADC9 are mutil-function prots.

The SPI/I2C and analog can be changed.

I write code to sample analog signle from ADC4 and ADC8, ADC 4 is connected to ADC8 together.

But when i read, value from ADC4 is correct, but data from ADC8 is not correct.

When the voltage is 0.67V around. the value from ADC4 is 0x004xxxxx, but value from ADC8 is about 0x000005xx.

When i change the voltage, value from ADC8 will not change, or chage slightly. for example, 0x5ff, 0x5fe.

When i change another device(CPU chip), the value will be 0x606, 0x607.

I  deduce:

there are some bug in device. and the codes to initiate ADC1 need special sequence.

the Datasheed does not tell me what is sequence, the special sequence, so i get wrong result.

I can't find example code how to use adc6~adc9,  will anyone give correct resolution?


I post my code here:

int main()
volatile signed long s;
signed char N = -1;
char Err = 0;
float fN = 0;

PLLKEY1 = 0xaa;
PLLCON = 0x00;
PLLKEY2 = 0x55;

POWKEY1 = 0x1;
POWCON0 = 0x38; // Set core to max CPU speed of 10.24Mhz
POWKEY2 = 0xF4;

POWKEY3 = 0x76;
POWCON1 = 0x024;
POWKEY4 = 0xB1;

DACCON = 0x0013;
DACDAT = 0x04ff0000;


ADCCFG = 0x84;
ADCFLT = 0x8083;

GP0CON0 = 0x00000000; //p0.0~p0.4 gpio
GP0PAR = 0x0f; //01110
GP0DAT = 0x10100000;

GP0KEY1 = 0x7;
GP0CON1 = 0x1; // adc
GP0KEY2 = 0x13;

ADC0CON = 0;
ADC1CON = 0x878c;;

s = ADC0DAT;
s = ADC1DAT;
ADCMDE = 0x83;
ADC1CON = 0x8004 | 0x0480;//ch 8
//ADC1CON = 0x800c | 0x0300;//ch 4

s = ADC1DAT;
ADCMDE = 0x82;
if (s & 0x2000) //adc1cerr
Err |= 1; //over range
} while(!(s & 0x2));

s = ADC1DAT;
ADCMDE = 0x83;

//3. exit adc
ADCMDE = 0x83; //idle
ADCFLT = 0x80ff;
ADC1CON = 0x78c; //internally shorted

GP0CON0 = 0x00001011; //back to spi
GP0PAR = 0x04;
GP0DAT = 0x10100000;

GP0KEY1 = 0x7;
GP0CON1 = 0x0; // exit adc
GP0KEY2 = 0x13;

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  • Several weeks i can't get correct ADC samples from channel8, signal from DAC. so  i guess there is something wrong on analogue mux.

    But now, i found that the true is that when port 0 used as analugue, the dac will not work correctly.

    If you use debug, the code will work correctly, and the DAC output will be ok, but when it  runs freely, the output is not correct..

  • I have checked it for several weeks,

    In facts, the ADC is correct. the reason to make wrong data of ADC is that the DAC will not work when P0 is configured as analogue input. the DAC will not ouput linear voltage.

    Finally, when USE jlink, device works correctly after programming, but will not work correctly after reset again by power off and on.

    when use ULINK, device work incorrectly after programming, but it will work in debug mode, run or step by step. if the devcei is resetted again by poweroff/on, the devcei will not work correctly again.