ADuC7128/29 UARTs ?

What are the right PINs for the two UARTs on the ADuC7128 and AduC7129 ?

This is not absolute clear or easy to understand in the datasheet.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 16, 2010 8:49 AM

    The best place to understand this is in my opinion

         table 76 on page 57 of the datasheet REV.0.

    The ADuC7128 is in a 64-pin package and the ADuC7129 is in a 80-pin package.

    There is a small fault in that table - P2.0 is available also on the 64-pin ADuC7128.

    So not all signals (usually not used modem control lines for UART1) are not available

    for the smaller package (64-pin) of the ADuC7128.

    Here a quick help for the data lines :

    UART 0 RX    P1.0     or     P0.7

    UART 0 TX     P1.1     or     P2.0

    UART1 RX    P4.6

    UART1 TX     P4.7


              ADuC7128          ADuC7129

    P1.0     50                         62   

    P1.1     49                         61

    P0.7     34                         41

    P2.0     33                         40

    P4.6     13                         17

    P4.7     14                         18