ADuC7036 Low Power Comsumtion Program.


I'm charlie. kim

I use to ADuC7036 for Battery Monitoring Module.

And. I need to Low Power Comsumtion Mode.

I use to wake up function by LIN and Wake Up Timer.

This is my program.


    WAKEUP_ENABLE;                  // timer2 enable(wake up possible) : define

//ⓐ    ADC0CON&=0x7fff;              // current adc power down
//ⓑ   ADC1CON&=0x7fff;               // volt and temperature adc power down

    POWKEY0=0x01;                    // Put all peripherals, PLL and Core Asleep
    POWCON&=0x07;                   // clear bit, exception clock divider bit

    DUMMY_TIME;                       // Dummy cycle to ensure correct power down

    ADC1CON|=0x8000;               // volt and temperature adc power on
    ADC0CON|=0x8000;               // current adc power on

    WAKEUP_DISABLE;              // timer2 disable : define


but, ⓐ,ⓑ is problem occur.


1. ⓐ,ⓑ (together) : LIN wake up disabe. current cumsumtion : about 800uA

2. ⓐ(only) : LIN wake up enable. current cumsumtion : about 1200uA

3. ⓑ(only) : LIN wake up enable. current cumsumtion : about 2200uA

4. not used : LIN wake up enable. current cumsumtion : about 2700uA

please, I need low power mode program below condition.

: (current cumsumtion < 1mA) and (LIN wake up)

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 21, 2011 9:08 PM

    Hi Charlie,

    Thank you for your post !.

    You seem to be doing things correctly for low power operation.

    ADCs are turned off and PLL + peripherals are turned off

    Please also ensure that you are using the Timer 2 in low power mode. ( 0x2C0 for example).

    This ensures the timer is running from the low power 32Khz oscillator.

    Also check your JTAG interface is not still attached. I would suspect that this may be the problem.



  • Thank you. mike.

    I try your advice.

    1. Wake up timer(Timer 2) : I used T2CON(timer2 control) setting value : 0x2c0

    2. JTAG interface attached : When I TEST, I allways disconnect JTAG.

    I want to know, How 'ADCs Power' and 'LIN wake up' are related each other?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 27, 2011 1:55 PM

    Hello Charlie,

    The LIN and ADC are not related to each other but consist of different hardware blocks.

    They can be activated / deactivated independantly of each other.

    The LIN block is activated by the HVCFG0 register in the High Voltage section ( pg 97).

    The ADCs are enabled by ADCxCON.

    Hope this helps,



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 2, 2018 4:20 PM
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