ADuC7124 can not be supported well on Keil or IAR with emulator

1. The recent part ADuC7124 did not supported very well currently, with keil provided within the ADuC7124 CD, it is recognized as ADuC7023 and thus specific features/registers can not be accessed via emulator.

2. IAR did no support ADuC7124 yet.

ARMWSD can work.

Can someone provide help?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 28, 2011 3:07 PM

    The reference to the ADuC7023 is a status message from the mIDASLink\JLINK debug driver to indicate that it found a particular type of Analog Devices part that requires it to be enabled before it can be accessed via JTAG.

    The ADuC7023 was the first of these, and the ADuC7124 is another.  The mIDASLink\JLINK supports these devices, and the message indicates that it correctly found and enabled it.

    The message is informational only and doesn’t indicate any problem.

    It has been changed to a more general message, that doesn’t refer to a specific part number to avoid confusion. You can download the beta version of this directly from Segger.

    There is no visibility of the MMRs of the ADuC7124 within the Keil tool chain. By this I mean that there are presently no windows which list out the MMRs associated with the various peripherals.

    This is a good feature, and we have been in contact with Keil to see how best to add it. It will appear in the next version of the Keil tool-chain.