Cannot Erase Flash or Program ADuC7039


I'm attempting to test an ADuC7039 on its evaluation board and have run into a problem; I can't erase the flash or program a new program onto the chip.

I am using Keil's uVision4 and a mIDAS-Link USB to JTAG programmer. 

I have, I believe anyway, successfully programmed the board once with code modified from Keil's BLINKY.C: LED Flasher.  The code was originally for an ADuC7024 but I modified it for the 7039 and am using the 7039 header file supplied from Analog Devices.  I ran this program once and it said programming was successful, however I had used the wrong pin, so I was not able to see the LED flashing.  Once I had noticed this I hit the reset button and tried to download the new code.  This is when I was given the error "Flash Download Failed - Target DLL has been canceled."  I was also given this information in the Build Output window.

VTarget = 2.588V
Info: TotalIRLen = 5, IRPrint = 0x01
***JLink Warning: CPU core not found.
Info: TotalIRLen = 5, IRPrint = 0x01
***JLink Warning: CPU core not found.
DLL version V4.35b, compiled Sep  2 2011 18:34:46
Firmware: J-Link ARM V7 compiled Feb 15 2011 11:03:33
Hardware: V7.00
Hardware-Breakpoints: 0
Software-Breakpoints: 8192
Watchpoints:          0
Invalid core Id. (0x00000000)
Trying to connect with 5 kHz !
Invalid core Id. (0x00000000)

I then tried to simply erase the flash on the controller and was given the same information and error.

I have tried a full reboots, plugging and unplugging the controller with different cable attached and not attached but have not had any luck getting it to work.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.