Keil uVision 3 vs uVision 4

Hi All,

Is there anyone can help me out with this problem?

I have a project file that is built on Keil uVision 3 that comes along with the hex file. The hex file works perfectly but it comes back the header and C file using uVision 4. When the file is opened, it shows the following message:

"The selected device has no corresponding toolchain installed.
Either use "Project-Select Device" to change the device for the project, or install the missing toolchain."
Then, I select the device which is the aduc7024 as I am using the ADXL developement board.
After that, when i try to compile, it comes out an error stating some fiq is not declared.
Is the uVision 3 IDE not compatible with uVision4 or all this while, I am having some issue that related to startup.s?
The self generated startup.s based on the device chosen cause a lot of problem during my initial testing as it cannot trigger an interrupt.
Please help on this matter as I dont really know much about the startup.s
For now, my main problem is that I am not able to compile my program as it shows error whereas I got the file which already compiled the hex file and working using uVision 4.
Please advise on this matter.
Thanks for the help in advance..
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