Flash/EE memory programming via LIN-protocol6 for ADuc7039

dear sir,

I am trying to flash code in aduc7039 through LIN using AN946 application,  with MCV combi dongle kit using  LINBWSD.EXE software application.

the software LINBWSD.exe is showing status as programed successfully (no errors) but after i reset the ECU for running the code its not running. then i checked the flash content using MIDAS jlink by disabling the update Target before Debugging in the utilities. by this i came to know that the IC is not programmed itself the flash content was all 0XFF. can u please help me in this issue, and tell me the procedure to flash aduc7039 using LIN (MCV combi dongle).

steps i followed to flash the board

  • Do some changes in ADuC7039.s as below, make the content at address 0x801FC must be different to:
    • make the 801FC address as 0xFFFF.
  • Power down, and remove mIDAS-Link connector from the board, since NTRST pin will pull up by mIDAS-Link
  • Connect LIN/I2C dongle to PC by USB cable , and insert it to demo board, note the GND and Vbat pins direction.
  • Remove NTRST jumper from board
  • Power up the board
  • Launch LINBSWD and finish configuration as below,
  • Power up and press the reset button (S1)
  • Browse your hex file for download
  • Press “Start” button in LINBSWD, the “Connected to 7039” will be shown as below
  • Press “Flash” button, the hex file will be programmed to flash, wait for a few of seconds, as show in the figure
  • Re-install NTRST jumper to board, and Press “ECU Reset” button in LINBSWD,
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