ADuC7129 : absolute maximum rating

I have a question about the absolute maximum rating of ADuC7129.

In data sheet P15 table 9 of this IC, the following maximum rating is written.

" Digital Input Voltage to IOGND : −0.3 V to IOVDD + 0.3 V "

However, other ADuC7xxx are written to the following maximum rating.

" Digital Input Voltage to IOGND : −0.3 V to + 5.3 V "

Is this maximum rating of the ADuC7128/29 correct?

And, the following explanations are written in "GENERAL-PURPOSE I/O" of the ADuC7129 data sheet P55.

"The ADuC7128/ADuC7129 provide 40 general-purpose, bidirectional I/O (GPIO) pins. All I/O pins are 5 V tolerant, meaning that the GPIOs support an input voltage of 5 V"

Can the ADuC7129 use a digital 5V input signal?