ADuC7129 DAC and DDS


I have problem witch my DDS on ADuC7129.

I wrote functions to start, set freg and stop DDS. Problem is witch current consumptions. After turn on and turn off DDS current consumption increase by 15 mA. What is the reason of this? Hear is my code:

void dds_init(){

          DACKEY0 = 0x07;

          DACEN = 0;

          DACKEY1 = 0xB9;

          DACCON = 0x0026;


void dds_set_frequency(unsigned long frequency){

          DDSFRQ = frequency;


void dds_set_phase(unsigned int phase){

          DDSPHS = phase & 0x0FFF;


void dds_start(unsigned int scale_ratio){

          DDSCON = 0x20 + scale_ratio;


void dds_stop(){

          DDSCON = 0x00;

          DACCON = 0x00;