Eval Kit ADuC7128

Hello, i'm not logged in since 1 or 2 Years.

At the moment i'm fighting with EVAL ADuC 7128 QSPZ.

I have installed the Keil yVision3. and an RDI mIDAS Link.

It's very heavy to learn from Help-system of Keil to check the first Project.

I have tried a lot to get the Example project C_Blinky compiled. In a first step i could only generate the all output. Extensions like lst, s, Opt, Uv2 and more are generated.

Than i tried to download at J Link to the yC.

I don#t know if i did the corect adjustment. There suddenly was an error that the Eval of Keil is expired.

But at the moment i only use it to get familiar, so will not spend what ever in a full license.

I now try to get familiar with the PLA Tool.

Is there a possibility to get a IDE with a tool inside, like in Keil, to generate the basic settings for the yC 7128, the .s file and what is necessary for basic register the yc7128 ?