Bad JTAG communication with ADuC7026


I am trying to program an ADuC7026 chip. Previously there was no problem trying to download a simple blinking program, but very recently the board showed problems when I am trying to flash download a program. I am using the mIDAS-Link JTAG emulator with uVision 3. I also have an ADuC7128 eval board, and can still program it through the mIDAS-Link, so there should not be an issue with the JTAG settings.

The screenshot attached shows the prompts that come up when trying to download to flash memory.

Does this mean that the chip is now damaged? The last program that I wrote to the chip was simply a blinking program (to Port 4), but whenever I power up the board, LED's unrelated to the blinking (Port 1) also turns on, and the blinking sometimes become erratic and unpredictable every power up.

Hope you can clarify my problems.