Running RTX on ADuC7024

Hi. Can any expert give me an example showing how to setup RTX on ADuC7024 using Keil uVision? Based on what I have figured out so far, I understand I need to:

1. Import the SWI_Handler function (provided by RTX) In my startup file ADuC702x.s

2. Copy RTX_Conf_ADuC702x.c file from my C:\Keil\ARM\RL\RTX\Config folder and rename it to RTX_Config.c

3. Choose "RTX Kernel" as the operating system in the target options window

4. Include RTL.h in main.c

5. Put "__task" before all task functions

6. Initialize RTX with os_sys_init function in my main() function

However, when I was simply trying to initialize RTX in my main() function using  os_sys_init (InitTask), the program just got stuck there and never entered the InitTask.

I suspect there are some errors within my configurations files but I cannot find any specific clue. Please help and thanks in advanced!