Programming the ADuC7126 via the ULINK2 and Keil

I have bought the ADuC7126 evaluation PCB and I am trying to use it with the Keil Dev system and a ULINK2 programmer.

Myself and another 2 very experienced engineers have wasted many hours on this but have been unable to program the MPU via the JTag. The User guide is totally obsolete and Keil's customer support is both useless and patronising. They just keep referring us back to download the (obsolete) user guide, well yes, we have done that, now ???

All the Keil software is downloaded into it's default locations and we have a brand new evaluation PCB and ULINK2. When I select the programmer I get the following (attached) when I try to program the MPU, it looks like it is programming the wrong address space. There seems to be no way to edit the address space, as all the options associated with it a greyed out.

This is a brand new evalution system - it should be easy to program. Can anyone please give us a clue ?

Thanks a lot

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