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ADuC7022 Programming question

Could you support to solve the program issue?

We try to program ADuC7022 , used IC adaptor and made reference circuit circuit board ADuc7020 development tool  for programming tool  as circuit Annex1, the connecting PC UART Port execution ARMWSD software, (select PART, COM Port & command and burn .hex file) sequentially pressing download sw then press and hold and then release the reset sw download sw once seen by the progress in the implementation on the monitor (judged UART transmission circuit should be OK), after the completion of the first Erasing 103 Pages.

That error message appears when you continue to do the download operation "Annex2" shown.

ps. Similarly Recorder to program ADuC7026 at development board, completely OK Program & Verify Jieke finish

  • Hi,

    1. There may be a "Mass Erase" option, as opposed to a "Page Erase". Flash Page protection might explain this. If the mass erase succeeds, ensure you power cycle the board before retrying your original attempt.
    2. I expect the returned string from the initial connection to be longer than "ADUC7022", 24 characters including additional information on the memory model.
      1. Can you check the version number of the ARMWSD software that you are using there?
      2. Is it possible that there is user code on this part already, and it is this program that is responding? 
  • The ARMWSD utility program doesn't always to a correct calculation of number of pages to erase; it rounds down, I think, not up. Try adding dummy or other lines of code to your project, to make its binary length a little bigger [or smaller], rebuild, and try again. I get this message all the time on either or both of the Writing or the Verifying steps. I will post a set of functions for loading if you wish, for C and for VB.

  • Hi PDS,

    Could you post a hex file that shows this issue and the ARMWSD version that this happens with?

    If it's really a bug in ARMWSD I would like to see it and fix it and potentially this bug is present on CM3WSD and other downloading utilities from ADI.

    The tool should definitely not round down. It should erase only the pages that need programming and if there's gaps in between it should recognise that and not erase the sections where new data is not meant to be programmed.

    But do post the C code you created in a separate topic as they would be useful for other people. The code for ARMWSD cannot be shared but if it's something you create it would be useful for the wider community.