Can any provide some advice regarding the setup of the ADC on an ADuC7126.

Good Morning,

I am attempting to setup read a number ADC channels periodically initiated by Timer 0 interrupt of a ADuC7126.

My Timer 0 interrupt is setup and the ADC conversion complete interrupt is also setup. However I would like to know:

1) The Sequencing of configuring the ADC registers (REFCON, ADCCON & ADCCP {single ended})

initialized to:

REFCON = 0x0

ADCCON = 0x3723

ADCCP = 0x9

Not sure if I used Timer0 to trigger the conversion would the addressing in ADCCP regi

2) Reading the data once a conversion is complete {ADC interrupt} (uint16_t) (ADCDAT >>16).

3) Does the ADC engine auto sequence or do I have to manually increment address in ADCCP register and re-trigger another conversion start ADCCON.

Any support in regards to the sequencing setup and reading data then retrigguring would be helpful.



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