ADuC7126 Timer 1 Clock Source from External Pin

Good Morning,

I am planning to use Timer 1 as a counter of a pulse train from an external pin. However, I have reviewed your Datasheet and I am bewildered as to which pin I should use for the input. Here is link to a pdf showing a few clips from your Datasheet which highlights my bewilderment:

ADuC7126 Clock Source from External Pin P0.1, P1.0 or P1.1?

From the data sheet reference to the external clock source is made in three areas:

1) Timer1 (General-Purpose Timer) erata............. The clock source can be....., the core clock, or P1.1

2) Table 142 - T1CON - Clock select - bits [11:9] - 011 - P1.0 rising edge triggered. {No reference to other pins.)

3) Figure 8. ADuC7126 Pin Configuration - Shows T1 both at P0.6 (pin 27) and P1.0 (pin63

I believe the only pin available to use as the clock input to the Timer 1 counter is P1.0.

Can anyone please confirm:

A) P1.0 is the ONLY pin available to use as the clock input to the Timer 1 counter.

B) P0.6 and P1.1 are merely typos and CANNOT be used as the clock source.

Thanking you for your assistance in advance,


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