ADuC7124 Timer1 drifts when sampling ADC

I have created an ADuC7124 project using KEIL uVision to sample an ADC channel at 25KHz.  First, I used Timer1, a GPIO pin, and oscilloscope to confirm the timer is running at 25KHz.  However, when I added the ADC code, the timer seems to slow down slightly to ~18KHz.  When I comment out the ADC code, the timer goes back to 25KHz.  Can someone please tell me what's causing this?  My code snippit is below:

#define IRQ_BIT_TIMER1   0x00000008
#define IRQ_BIT_ADC        0x00000100

volatile U16 adc_val = 0;

void ConfigTimer1(void)
    // configure timer 0
    IRQCLR      = IRQ_BIT_TIMER1;        // Timer1 IRQ
    IRQ         = InterruptIRQHndlr;    // Specify Interrupt Service Rountine
    T1LD        = 100;
    T1CON       = 0x00E0;                // clock/1; binary; 32.768 clock

    IRQEN |= IRQ_BIT_TIMER1;    // Timer0 IRQ

void InterruptIRQHndlr(void)
    // Timer1 IRQ
    if ((IRQSTA & IRQ_BIT_TIMER1) != 0)
        ADCCP = ADC1;
        ADCCON = 0x04E3; // fADC/2; enable start conv; enable ADCbusy; normal mode; single conv
        T1CLRI = 0x0; // Clear the interrupt
    // ADC IRQ
    if ((IRQSTA & IRQ_BIT_ADC) != 0)
        adc_val = ADCDAT >> 16;

        // place holder to process data

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  • Hi There!

    Thanks for the quick response.  Here is a quick summary of my objective: sample an ADC channel at 25KHz and later change to 4 channels with sampling rate of 125KHz.

    Initially, I thought about using a 25KHz (40us) timer to control the sampling rate with the assumption that the sampling time is much shorter than 40us.  However, I found out that just the sampling of ADC took around 40-50us.  I played with the ADCCON bits 12:10 and 9:8 but didn’t see any changes to the sampling time.

    I attached 2 projects for your reference:

    1.      Using ADC interrupt to start the next sampling to see how long it would take to do 1 sample

    2.      Using 25KHz timer interrupt to control the sampling rate

    I appreciate your help!

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