ADuC7039 conversion error issue


The customer is using ADuC7039 for BMS current measurement, the signal chain is as shunt -> ADuC7039 -> SPI -> MCU. They found occassionally the data from ADuC7039 will be full zero as following diagram showed, meanwhile the register ADCSTA [13:12] is set as 0b11 which means both ADC is in conversion error, as table 27 described.

The error symptom can be disappeared only by POR resetting ADuC7039, and as customer indicated no any error occurs in analog input during conversion error issue happening.

From the datasheet, the conversion error is indicated by hardware automatically, and the data will be set as full scale, so looks the customer error issue is due to ADuC7039 abnoraml but no detail description in datasheet about it. I'd like to confirm whether the conversion error is due to ADuC7039 abnormal or not, if yes what is root cause and how to prevent it from happenbutng in the future.

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