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Inquiry regrading ADuC7039 Total Gain Error description

Hello, all

Now we have inquiry regrading ADuC7039 Total Gain Error description from our customer.

Please refer to the comment below, and feedback us with your comment.

On Table 1. of datasheet page 4, the Total Gain Error for Voltage Channel is defined as -0.25 to +0.25%.

We would like to make sure whether this characteristic is effected on VBAT voltage level or not.

The actual possibility voltage level for VBAT pin is 0V, 5V, 10V and 15V.

We are looking forward from you by return.

We thank you in advance for your information.

Best regards,

Atsushi Okui

  • Hello Okui-san,

    the TGE is specified as a percentage and will change with the voltage level present on VBAT.
    TGE = VBAT * 0.25%.

    Please note that the data sheet specification are valid for the environmental conditions listed above Table 1.
    Outside these conditions, the device is still fully operational but might not meet the specifications listed in Table 1.

    Holger Grothe